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SEKC Clubhouse

November 10, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Meeting was called to order by President Paula Spielman.

Motion by Grace Boyce to approve the October minutes. Second by Tracy Thorstenson. Motion carried.

President’s Report

  • Paula commented that the new members are stepping up and getting involved.

  • Paula shared that the board had discussed trying to simplify the membership process.

Vice-President’s Report

  • The Christmas party will be at Old Chicago. The room has been reserved for 6:00. We will be continuing the annual donation to the Humane Society. Food, toys, etc. will be collected at the party.

Secretary’s Report

  • First readings were held for Crystal Miller and Chastity Weeks.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dee reported that we are showing a loss of $3,400 for the year. We have $16,000 in checking and $5,000 in savings. There is currently $1,700 in Jo’s memorial fund.

  • The agility trial made $3,756 and the summer obedience trial lost $532.29. Dee commented that the show should make money. There should be money coming back from Onofrio.

Public Relations

  • Mert announced that we still need to schedule the ribbon cutting.

  • The promotional brochure for the club is ready to go.

  • Maggie Pearson was introduced as the new PR person.

Nominating Committee

  • The proposed slate of officers for next year was reviewed: Paula for president, Johna Nielsen for vice-president, Mert Kramer for treasurer, and Jackie Potter for secretary. Paula asked for nominations from the floor. Brian Schafer nominated himself for Vice-President. There being no further nominations, nominations were closed.


  • The January classes will probably be 6 weeks long. From there we’ll go right into February classes.

  • We’re working on an e-collar workshop that will be presented by club members. The workshop would be held on 2 Saturdays.

  • Paula and Carol Everett are working on a Top Dog seminar for 2017.

Other Business

  • Paula presented title pins to those members who had earned new titles.

  • Tracy thanked everyone who had helped with the fall show. She commented that she had received compliments from the judges.

  • Paula announced that Bridget Meidinger will now be the club photographer.

Meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Cindy Bailey, Secretary

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