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Classes subject to change each session


Puppy Play School

- Emphasis on socialization of the puppy, relationship building with the owner and prevention of common behavior problems. Your puppy will build confidence in greeting other people and other dogs. FLAT BUCKLE COLLAR ONLY. For puppies 12 weeks to 20 weeks. MONDAYS AT 6:30

AKC Rally Obedience-

AKC Open Obedience Skills-  (not offered this session)

This class is for the dog and handler team that is looking to compete in the AKC Open Obedience. The Open Obedience titling class focuses on heeling off leash and figure 8, command discrimination, drop on recall, retrieve over high and bar jump, and a sit stay. This class will also work on you and your dog’s focus and teamwork in the ring. Check out this link for more info AKC Obedience Link.

It is suggested that your dog already know the retrieve prior to class, as it will not be taught in this class, but the retrieve may be proofed in class. Check out this link for more info AKC Obedience Link MONDAYS AT 7:30pm (6 weeks) 


Fundamentals for the Family Dog-  (not offered this session)

For the dog/handler team with no previous experience or have taken Puppy Playschool. Positive reinforcement, learn basic skills like walk with me, sit, down, stay, come. For dogs 5 months and older. Introduction to skills necessary to pass the CGC Canine Good Citizen Program Tuesday 6:00 6 weeks 

Conformation -

 We welcome beginners or seasoned show handlers. If you’re new to showing dogs, we will help you become familiar with the Conformation process and how to train your dog for the show ring. If you have shown before, the class will allow you to tune-up a seasoned show dog, or provide the environment to train your new puppy(s). If you have attended a previous SEKC 6 week Conformation class session, you may attend any of the classes during the session for a $15.00 per night drop-in rate. Check this link out for more about Conformation. AKC CONFORMATION INFORMATION Note: This class is for AKC-UKC registered dogs only. TUESDAYS 6:30 pm (6 weeks) 

7:30- Member Only Obedience and Rally Run Throughs

No registration needed.


Competitive Agility Class

The class will help you continue to develop the skills needed to participate in competitive Agility. Dog must be able to work off leash. Dog must be able to do at least 6 weave poles and full height or near full height contacts.

The focus of this class will be working on:

o Handling skills

o Sequences

o Contacts

o Weave pole entrances

Please bring with you to class

o A crate – you will need to work without your dog at times.

o Tug toy(s)

o Small soft treats (lots of them)

o Good pair of running shoes for you

o Water for you and your dog

This class meets WEDNESDAYS 6:30 (6 weeks) 

Advanced Beginner Agility-

This class is for dog and handler teams that want to continue the beginings of agility training. The goal of this class is to teach the teams basic foundational skills needed to become comfortable handling agility sequences. Jumps and obstacles will be introduced. No dogs under 1 year old. Prior obedience classes, and Intro to agility required. Dogs must be able to work off leash. Flat buckle or martingale collars allowed. No choke or prong collars, no tags on collars. Please bring high reward treats or toys to encourage motivation. Wear comfortable running shoes. WEDNESDAYS 7:30 (6 weeks) 



Nosework is one of the fastest growing sports, and for good reason! Nosework is a fun sport that taps into your dog's innate abilities. It is a fun game for the family dog and the competition dog; for young dogs and retired dogs; for reactive, unfocused, timid, or boisterous dogs; handlers or dogs with mobility issues. In short, nosework is for every dog! Your dog will have a blast using their brain and their nose!

In 6 short weeks, your dog will be having fun and confidently searching for their target scent. You will have the skills needed to play this new game with your dog and tire them out during our long and cold

winters. If you are interested in competing with your dog in this growing sport, this class will be your introduction to the foundation skills necessary to join any of the scent work organizations. Classes are an additional $10 (due to cover the take home kit.)

Thursday at 6:00 pm