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H​ave the following information available for registration:

  1. Veterinarian proof of rabies vaccination if dog is of age. (upload at time of registration or mail to the class coordinator to confirm your registration)
  2. Payment
  3. Completed registration form




All classes will be will be held in the SEKC Clubhouse 

(Old MacDonald’s Farm Building) 

on the WH Lyon Fairgrounds.

Spring 2023 Classes

Registration opens February 3 at noon for SEKC members. 

Public registration opens February 4 at noon.

Registration closes February 18.

Please contact Janet Bartosh at [email protected] 

with any questions. 

Beginner Agility I – Rachael Wheelborg

Mondays, February 20 – March 27; 6:30pm (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisite – Basic obedience skills

This class is for the handler/dog team with no previous experience. In this beginner agility class we will cover some foundation skills and introduce equipment along with short sequences. Whether you are or aren’t planning to advance to different levels of agility, this will help you and your dog develop teamwork while having fun. This will also set your team up for Beginners Agility II. 

Intro to Nose Work / Scent Work – Roger Lautt

Tuesdays, March 7 – March 28; 6:00pm (5 Student Limit)

The object of this class is to introduce dogs and their owners to this rapidly growing, fun sport. The focus of all Nose Work classes will be for the dog and owner/handler to have fun. Intro to nose work/scent work is well suited for all dogs, with the exception of human aggressive dogs. The sport will strengthen the bond between dog and build the dog's confidence. This class teaches the foundation skills necessary to progress with the sport, for mere enjoyment or for competition. Intro to Nose Work will give your dog a sense of purpose and will enable your dog to discover and enhance his/her natural desire to hunt. It harnesses a dog’s unique ability to detect scent and determine the source, all while having fun. 

Beginner Agility II – Ericka Erickson

Wednesdays, February 22 – March 29; 6:30pm (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisite – Dogs should have successfully completed the Beginner Agility I class or have instructor approval prior to taking this class.

This class will focus on the contact equipment and working toward being able to execute the contacts at full height. We will spend time focusing on building and maintaining a stopped contact criteria. We will also introduce and practice common beginner sequences seen at the novice level and the handling associated with them.

Pre-Novice / Novice Agility – Denise Erger

Wednesdays, February 22 – Mar 29; 7:30pm (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisite – Must have completed Beginner Agility I and II or have instructor approval to take this class. Dog should be able to do full height contacts or near full height contacts before taking this class.

Pre-Novice / Novice Agility Class will continue to help you and your dog develop skills learned in Pre Novice/Novice Agility. The class will emphasize working full height contact equipment (teeter, A Frame, Dog Walk) and beginning sequences with contacts. This class will continue to work on handling skills and six weave poles. (Weave poles are not required to take this class). The class is designed for those teams looking to compete in AKC Agility at the Novice level. 

Puppy Kindergarten – Karen Bos-Carey

Thursdays, March 2 – April 6 at 6:30pm (10 Student Limit)

This class will teach the handler and the puppy basic obedience skills while also introducing the puppy to new things and building confidence. Puppies will have a chance to test for their S.T.A.R. Puppy at the end of the class. 

Fundamentals for the Family Dog – Karen Bos-Carey

Thurs Mar 2 – Apr 6 7:30 PM (10 student limit)

This class is for the dog/handler team with no previous experience or who have taken Puppy Kindergarten. It’s a positive reinforcement class to learn basic skills like loose leash heeling, sit, down, stay, and come. It’s for dogs five (5) months old and older. It introduces you to skills necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program. It’s also a great way to get a foundation for any direction you want to take your dog, whether that be competitive obedience, rally or anything else. It lays the foundation to be an amazing team!