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H​ave the following information available for registration:


  1. Veterinarian proof of rabies vaccination if dog is of age. (upload at time of registration or mail to the class coordinator to confirm your registration)

  2. Payment

  3. Completed registration form





All classes will be will be held in the SEKC Clubhouse 

(Old MacDonald’s Farm Building) 

on the WH Lyon Fairgrounds.

Contact at Janet Bartosh at with any questions. 

Class Policies

Fall Classes

Public registration is now open. Registration closes September 9 at midnight.

Registration Link:


Beginner Agility I – Rachel Weelborg (Class is FULL)

Mondays September 18 – October 23; 6:30pm (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisites – Basic obedience skills.

This class is for the handler/dog team with no previous experience. In this beginner agility class we will cover some foundation skills and introduce equipment along with short sequences. Whether you are or aren’t planning to advance to different levels of agility, this will help you and your dog develop teamwork while having fun. This class will also set your team up for Beginners Agility II.


Conformation – Tracy Duff

Mondays September 18 – October 23; 7:30pm

Whether you are experienced in the show ring or a beginner in conformation, we will tailor the class to fit everyone’s needs. The purpose of dog shows is to evaluate breeding stock to each breed's standard. You will learn ring procedures, how to stack your dog and move at a correct speed. This is a great class to learn how to work as a team with your dog and be ready for our Fall Show. Please bring a proper leash and bait/treats to class. Drop-ins are welcome. All drop-ins must sign a waiver and bring a copy of your dog's vaccination record to class. Drop-ins are $15/class.


Intro to Nose Work/Scent Work – Roger Lautt

Tuesdays September 19 – October 24; 6pm (8 Student Limit; 3 spots still available)

The object of this class is to introduce dogs and their owners to this rapidly growing, fun sport. The focus of all Nose Work classes will be for the dog and owner/handler to have fun. Intro to nose work/scent work is well suited for all dogs, with the exception of human aggressive dogs. The sport will strengthen the bond between dog and handler and build the dog's confidence. This class teaches the foundation skills necessary to progress with the sport, for mere enjoyment or for competition. Intro to Nose Work will give your dog a sense of purpose and will enable your dog to discover and enhance his/her natural desire to hunt. It harnesses a dog’s unique ability to detect scent and determine the source, all while having fun. Minimum of four (4) students must be enrolled for the class to be held.


One Jump Fundamentals For Beginner Agility – Erica Erickson (Class is FULL)

Wed Sept 20 – Oct 25 6:30 PM (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisite – Dogs need to be one year of age and have successfully completed the Beginner Agility class.

This class will focus on beginning agility fundamentals utilizing mostly one jump. We will learn the how-to of building value for independent work and how our body position gives cues to our dogs on where/how to go. We will also work on training contacts toward full height. We will utilize lots of controlled station work, so dogs should be comfortable working around other dogs and people.


Introduction to Weave Poles and Handling Skills – Denise Erger (Class is FULL)

Wednesdays September 20 – October 25; 7:30pm (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisites – Dogs must have completed Beginner Agility II or have instructor approval to take this class.

This class will introduce you and your canine partner to weave poles and show you how to progress to doing 6 and 12 weave poles. The class will also introduce basic handling skills using mostly jumps. As time allows, we will work on contact equipment working toward full competition height.


Rally Novice – Leah Hanson (Class is FULL)

Thursdays September 21 – October 26; 6:30pm (5 Student Limit)

Prerequisites – An obedience class and the ability of your dog to heel or walk loose leash next to you. This class is not just for those looking to compete but will be taught with a focus on getting you and your dog ready to compete in Rally Novice.

Do you enjoy teaching your dog commands and tricks? Then the sport of AKC Rally might be for you. In Rally, a dog and their handler move together through a course made up of 10 – 20 signs. Each sign displays a skill to perform such as turns or behaviors like sit, down or stay. The dog and handler work together and should show a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the course.


Rally Masters – Leah Hanson

Thursdays September 21 – October 26; 7:30pm (5 Student Limit; 1 spot still available)

Prerequisites – Dogs must be able to work off leash around distractions. Handlers must be familiar with the lower Rally level signs.

This class is for the dog/handler teams that are looking to understand the signs in the Rally Masters Class. Each week we will go over Master signs and allow you to practice the skills in a Rally course.


Novice Obedience – Ginny Beck

Fridays September 22 – October 27; 6:30pm (7 Student Limit; 1 spot still available)

Novice Obedience is for those who wish to compete in AKC Novice Obedience Trials. The fundamentals of heeling, sitting, down and recall when commanded to do so will be taught. Also, the use of markers and cues. Each student will be provided a copy of the AKC rules for Beginner Novice as well as Novice A with clear explanations of what can and cannot be allowed in the show ring. Students are to bring a 6-foot lead and a collar (ex: slip chain, flat buckle or martingale) as a proper leash and collar application will be discussed.


Puppy Kindergarten – Karen Bos-Carey

Saturdays September 23 – November 4; 10am (10 Student Limit; 8 spots still available)

Prerequisites: Dogs must be 5 months and younger.

This class will teach the handler and the puppy basic obedience skills while also introducing the puppy to new things while building confidence. Puppies will have a chance to test for their S.T.A.R. Puppy at the end of the class.


Fundamentals of Family Dog– Karen Bos-Carey

Saturdays September 23 – November 4; (10 student limit; 1 spot still available)

This class is for the dog/handler team with no previous experience or who have taken Puppy Kindergarten. It’s a positive reinforcement class to learn basic skills like loose leash heeling, sit, down, stay, and come. It’s for dogs 5 months old and older. It introduces you to skills necessary to pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test, which is offered for free to those taking this class. It’s also a great way to get a foundation for any direction you want to take your dog, whether that be competitive obedience, rally or anything else. It lays the foundation to be an amazing team!

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