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H​ave the following information available for registration:


  1. Veterinarian proof of rabies vaccination if dog is of age. (upload at time of registration or mail to the class coordinator to confirm your registration)

  2. Payment

  3. Completed registration form





All classes will be will be held in the SEKC Clubhouse 

(Old MacDonald’s Farm Building) 

on the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds.

Contact at Janet Bartosh at with any questions. 

Class Policies

Summer 2024 Classes

Summer Classes June 3 – July 13

Registration Link:


Membership registration opens May 7, 2024 at noon and nonmember registration opens May 8, 2024 at noon. All registration will close May 26, 2024 at midnight.


Intro to Nosework – Rhonda Lockwood

Mondays June 3rd – June 24th at 5:30 PM – (5 Student Max) 

Nosework is a fast-growing sport that taps into a dog’s natural sniffing instinct. This class will introduce your dog to a target odor and build your dog's search. You will learn about the different uses of equipment, how to properly handle odors as well as setting up effective training exercises for developing your dog’s scenting abilities. These are easily practiced at home with minimal equipment, making it a very accessible activity for the dog owners.

This class is a fantastic choice for nearly all dogs, except for human reactive dogs. So, if you’re looking for an engaging activity that enriches your dog’s life, increases your dog’s confidence, and enhances your relationship, this is the class for you! Whether you are interested in casual fun or more serious competion, the skills learned here will help provide a solid foundation for your dog’s training in nosework. - 3/5 Spots Filled as of 5/8/24


Novice Agility – Rachel Runge

Wednesdays June 5th – July 10th at 6:30 PM (8 Student Max)

This class will focus on sequencing and handler cues. Contacts will be at full height. Dogs show be jumping at their full height. Fully trained weave poles are not required and will be trained in this class. Rachel suggests handlers take advantage of open ring time and online weave classes to continue training and proofing. This class will prepare you and your dog to compete at the novice level. Dogs need to be one year of age and have successfully completed the Beginner Agility class, One jump Agility class and be jumping at their full height. - 5/8 Spots Filled as of 5/8/24


One Jump Agility – Ericka Erickson 

Wednesdays June 5th – July 10th at 7:30 PM (5 Student Max)

This Class is Full!

This class will focus on beginning agility fundamentals utilizing mostly one jump. We will learn the how-to building value for independent work and how our body position gives cues to our dogs on where/how to go. We will utilize lots of controlled station work, so dogs should be comfortable working around other dogs and people. Dogs need to be one year of age and have successfully completed the Beginner Agility class. - 5/5 Spots Filled


Rally Run Thrus – Leah Hanson 

Thursdays June 6th – July 11th at 6:30 PM Drop Ins Welcomed

All skill levels are welcomed from beginner to master. Courses of. Varying levels will be set up each week, alternating between novice and excellent, and advanced and master. An instructor will be available for questions and advice. Drop ins welcomed. Drop ins must sign a waiver, have an up-to-date copy of the dog's vaccination record to show the instructor and pay $15/drop-in class attended.


Please contact at Janet Bartosh at

with any questions.

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