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Obedience training can be for competing as a team with your dog at events or can be to train your dog to be a good family member.  Obedience trials showcase dogs that have been trained and conditioned to behave well at home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. AKC Obedience trials allow exhibitors and their dogs to enjoy companionship and competition as they proudly earn AKC titles. 

Obedience Links

Getting started in obedience. AKC information

AKC Beginner Novice skills   AKC Video

Summer Obedience 

Summer Obedience Trial

July 21-22 2018

SEKC Facility

Registration info: coming soon

Fall Show

SEKC Fall Conformation Show, Obedience, Rally
October 26-28 2016

Expo Building W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds

Registration info: at Onofrio