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SEKC Clubhouse

February 10, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by President Paula Spielman.

Brian Schaffer moved to approve January’s minutes. Dave Nilsen seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Officer/Committee Reports

President’s Report

  • Paula commented that she liked the new newsletter format.


  • The agility session will start in March and will run 4 weeks. Kris will be teaching the Wednesday night class which will be targeted more toward those who might possibly be interested in competing. She mentioned that there is a Level 1 CPE trial in Omaha in May, and she would like everyone in the class to go.

  • April’s program will be Dr. Dodds. Because of the format of the program, the meeting will be held at the Oakview Library. The meeting will be at the usual time.

  • Banquet arrangements are still up in the air. Kris said she is still shooting for March 14.

Secretary’s Report

  • There was a second reading for Jackie Potter, and her membership was approved. There were first readings for Jenny Martens, Jyme Kuchar, and Cathy Jo Tooley.

  • There are still opportunities to bring treats in September & November.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Dee reported that she had been having computer issues. 

Old Business


  • Tammie Smart will be taking over the website.

Summer Obedience Trial

  • Brian announced that the judges have been hired and the judges list has been approved.


  • Introduction to Nose Work - April 11-12. Working spots have been filled, but we need to fill the auditing spots.

  • Obedience – June 13-14. We will be developing a flyer.

Fall Show

  • Arrangements for the fall show are moving along.


  • Dave Nilsen will purchase the other things that are needed. Brian Frentz and Brian Schaffer will work with Dave on the Building Committee.s from the toolbar.

Big Paws

  • The board originally voted on the donation to Big Paws, but it technically should have gone to the general membership. We have already paid $2,500 and are included in their advertising. Discussion followed as to whether or not the club should support that donation. There was a motion by Suze Frentz and a second by Dave Nilsen to proceed with the Big Paws donation. Motion carried.

New Business

Public Relations

  • Mert Kramer has volunteered to take over as the public relations person.

Audit Committee Report

  • Laura Blankenship reported for the Audit Committee. The committee consisted of Laura, Karen Bos-Carey and Sally Marum. The board needs to work on an internal control policy.

Other Business

  • The June meeting will be a picnic. The clubhouse will be taken down in July.

There was a motion by Brian Schaffer to adjourn the meeting and a second by Mert Kramer. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

Submitted by Cindy Bailey, Secretary

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