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Microsoft Word - SEKC Board Meeting Feb 4 2016

SEKC Board Meeting

February 4, 2016 – 7:00 p.m.

Panera Bread – Louise Avenue – Sioux Falls, SD

Present – Paula Spielman, Johna Nielsen, Dawn Fischer, David Nilsen, Jackie Potter

Motion by David Nilsen to approve December minutes. Second by Dawn Fischer. Motion Carried Officers Reports:


Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer:

Need to approve New Member of the year and Current Member of the year awards and get that information to Kris

Nothing to report at this time – Discussed duties for Vice President

Nothing to report at this time – Discussed duties for the new Secretary

Mert Kramer unavailable for input – Currently doing research to apply for change of Non-Profit Organization to 501(c) 3

Paula stated the major change would be the ability for donators to deduct the donation amount to the club on their taxes. Mert will need to clarify any other questions and give his report at the next meeting.

Old Business:

Audit Committee: Grace Boyce, Chair – Karen Bos-Carey and Brian Schaffer

Web site: Fall Show:

Mert Kramer and Dee Isakson were also invited to participate

Tammie Smart unavailable for update at this time

Follow-up meeting needs to be addressed – Paula Spielman will contact Tracy Thorstenson to set up follow-up meeting as well as at the same time a pre meeting for the 2016 Fall Show

The NOI will be at this year’s fall show.

Paula stated Kris has things going well and in place for the NOI

Building Committee: Dave Nilsen reported that he would like to have another person helping clean the building. He was away when a couple of the events were going on at the club. At the membership meeting Paula will ask if anyone would like to volunteer to help clean the building with Dave.

Sunshine: Classes: Seminars:

New Business: Door Code:


Nothing to report at this time

Tammie Smart is unavailable at this time. Classes are mostly full for the next session. Paula stated that Carol has told her the Agility Seminar is full for working spots and the Obedience Seminar is almost sold out

The Top Dog 3 Day Seminar was mentioned as still in the works for next year. There are 24 working spots available and can have up to 2 dogs per person.

If anyone has any ideas for any new seminars and trainers they would like to get email Carol.

Paula presented who should get door code. It was decided to leave it the same as it is. Membership pays $10.00 to get the code and instructors who have not paid the $10.00 need the code as well.

It was decided to donate to the Paws to Celebrate which is a fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society – The donation would consist of a Pet Pals level of $500.00 and 2 classes for the raffle

Revision Date: 02/16/2016

Johna Nielsen motioned for Pet Pals $500.00 and 2 classes, Dave Nilsen second the motion. Motion Carried

The Vote for donating to Paws to Celebrate will go to Membership Vote on February 9 at the General Meeting.

Logo: Logo was discussed – There has been controversy on this subject. It was decided that we might do a survey to the general membership of the club to get a basis for a decision on the logo. Red/Blue, change the dog, change the logo entirely. Will discuss at the next board meeting with Maggie if possible to talk about a Survey.

Special Events: Paula stated Awards Banquet is March 12 at the Riviera Event Center – RSPV’s will come in the next couple of weeks.

Fundraising: Suze Frentz sent a Fundraising proposal to Paula. It outlines charging an advertising fee to a company that would like to sponsor or advertise at the club’s events. It was decided to possibly look at a Fundraising committee to put this together.

A Meet the Breed Event was presented. It was decided that there will be asked of the General Membership if anyone wanted to coordinate this event. It would be at the club possibly August area.

Productivity: Paula presented a spreadsheet to keep track of everything for each show and event throughout the years. This should be kept up as a way to track the cost variation and distribution of funds as well as the areas for improvement.

Board Meeting: The board meeting dates were discussed to change it to Tuesday nights, the last Tuesday of the month. Next meeting will be the 23rd of February, Paula will let know place

Next Month’s Meeting:

Bylaws and possibly post rules at club, 501c3 and 501c4 organization, survey for logo, classes, fundraising committee, Meet the Breed, proofreader for newsletter

Revision Date: 02/16/2016

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