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Caribou Coffee

May 4, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Present at the meeting were Paula Spielman, Dee Isakson, Kris Hurst, Cindy Bailey, Dave Nilsen, Dawn Fischer, Brian Frentz, Tammie Smart and Mert Kramer.

There was a motion by Dee Isakson and a second by Dawn Fischer to approve the minutes from the March board meeting. Motion carried, and the minutes were approved as submitted.

President’s Report

Discussion was held about holding a membership meeting at Big Paws. Mert will make the arrangements.

A question was raised as to how much would be an appropriate donation to Dr. Dobbs’ foundation as a thank you for her video presentation. There was a motion by Brian Frentz and a second by Cindy Bailey to donate $200. Motion carried.

Paula reported that she has asked for everyone to put together a budget for shows, seminars, etc.

The CPA will explore why we are a 501C4 instead of a 501C3. Paula distributed copies of the compilation. She asked everyone to review it in preparation for discussion at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Dee presented the Treasurer’s report. There will be an expense of $1,054 for Directors & Officers Insurance. Total expenses for the awards banquet were $2,061.07. Dee estimated that the Nose Work seminar will show a loss of approximately $700.

Secretary’s Report

Membership applications were presented for Constance Schaub and Bridget Meidinger.

Old Business

Website – A question was raised about the liability risk of having breeder referrals on the website. The suggestion was made to still have the breeder referral but not list it on the website. We could just have the list of breeders with a disclaimer. Paula will check with Bonnie Uhrich for a legal opinion .

Building Committee – Dave Nilsen reported that the dates for closing up the clubhouse for the fair will be the same as every other year.

Summer Obedience – We still need a hospitality person for the lunches.

Agility Trial – The premium for the agility trial should be up by June 1. The club will have an information table at the trial.

Fall Show – Reservations have been made at the Sheraton for the judges. Because of the new cement flooring in the Expo Building, we will not need to put plastic down this year.

Old Rules – Further review of the old rules was held. There was a motion by Dawn and a second by Dave to approve those changes. Motion carried.

Publicity – Mert announced that the kennel club is now a member of the Sioux Falls Chamber.

New Business

Dog Park Task Force –Dave gave an update on the progress of the task force. They are looking for something for dogs to do at the parks. They are also trying to monitor shots.

Title Pins – Paula announced that we now have title pins. Members will be given an opportunity to get them retroactively. We will start giving them out during brags.

New Board Member – Paula announced that Megan Fields has resigned from the board and a new board member would need to be appointed. Mert Kramer agreed to serve the remainder of Megan’s term.

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm.

Mert moved to adjourn the meeting with a second by Paula. Motion carried.

Meeting was adj

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