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September 3, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Present at the meeting were Paula Spielman, Dee Isakson, Cindy Bailey, Dave Nilsen, Brian Frentz, Mert Kramer and Tammie Smart.

There was a motion by Dave Nilsen and a second by Brian Frentz to approve the minutes from the June board meeting. Motion carried and the minutes were approved as submitted.

Discussion was held regarding the agility trial finances.

President’s Report

  • Paula mentioned that she would like to give a $100 Visa card to Dustin Byron for putting down the mats after the fair. Brief discussion followed. Motion by Dave Nilsen to give Dustin a $100 Visa card. Second by Brian. Motion carried. Paula will get the card.

  • There was also a motion by Dave to give Damon Spielman a $50 gift card for cleaning the clubhouse in Dave’s absence. Second by Brian. Motion carried.

  • Paula mentioned that she would like to call a meeting of all those interested in agility.

  • Title pins for previous titles will be handed out at the October general membership meeting.

Secretary’s Report

  • A membership application was presented for Maggie Pearson.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The Summer Obedience Trial is tentatively showing a loss of $532.29.

  • Dee announced that we will have to start paying taxes on membership dues. Discussion followed. There was a motion by Mert that we have the accountant set up a process for collecting the taxes, seconded by Cindy. Motion carried. Dues will be on hold until the October meeting.

Old Business

Summer Obedience Trial

  • A review of the trial was held. Areas that the board felt needed to be addressed for next year included hospitality, the premium list and the condition of the building. The board also felt that it would be good to have co-chairs to help divide the responsibilities.

Building Committee

  • Dave will purchase a 2-wheeler cart for the clubhouse.

Public Relations

  • The ribbon cutting for the club has been scheduled for Friday, October 23 at 11:00. We will need to arrange a break in the show.

  • Sunny Radio is working on promotional spots as part of the Chamber package.

  • First proof of the brochure should be ready for the October meeting.

  • Mert mentioned that Joe Henkin is entertaining the idea of supporting SEKC.


  • Connie Cleveland has already been booked for a seminar. Members who have taught classes will be given auditing spots.

  • Paula mentioned that she has asked Carol Everett to coordinate seminars. Carol would like to schedule an agility seminar in the spring. It was moved and seconded to give Carol permission to proceed with an agility seminar.


  • Kennel club classes are still the lowest priced classes in the area.

Nominating Committee

  • Discussion was held regarding a chair for the Nominating Committee. It was agreed that Paula would contact Grace Boyce about chairing the committee again this year.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

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