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Application process:

A person/family interested in becoming a member of the Sioux Empire Kennel Club is required to attend two Club meetings prior to the Club vote on accepting the application for membership. At the first meeting they will be introduced by the sponsor and meet the membership and tell a little about themselves.

Applications are available at the building, from the Membership Chair, or can be downloaded here.

A personal check or cash must accompany the completed application for annual dues (see schedule below).

Role of the Sponsor:

Any candidate who has been convicted of animal abuse, or is deemed a puppy mill operator or who has expressed non-adherence to either AKC or SEKC policy should not be brought to the membership for acceptance.

The sponsors of each applicant will be specifically requested to attend the meeting when the membership vote is held. To receive the clearest picture of the applicant, the sponsors will be responsible for sharing any personal knowledge they have of this prospective member during a general discussion prior to the vote. At the meeting, the general membership will be allowed to ask questions of the sponsors and the Membership Chair about the intentions and qualifications of the applicant. If insufficient information is available and a motion is not made to vote, the application is tabled until a future time when more members are familiar with the applicant.

Membership Vote:

When the Membership Chair has determined that the application is valid and the candidate has attended one club meeting, the applicant will be voted on at a regular meeting by the general membership.

The vote will be conducted by paper ballots and will require two-thirds majority of the members present to pass. If rejected, the applicant may reapply after six months.

Annual Dues:

Annual dues are $50 for a family, $30 for a single and $20 for a junior member (under 18 years old) due on December 31 of each calendar year. Dues for new members paid between August 1 – Oct 31 will be one-half of the yearly fee. Dues received from new members after October 31 will apply to the following year.

Membership will be considered lapsed if dues remain unpaid 30 days after January 1st. A new application must be submitted in this case.

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