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June 4, 2015 - 7:00 p.m.

Present at the meeting were Paula Spielman, Dee Isakson, Cindy Bailey, Dave Nilsen, Dawn Fischer, Brian Frentz, Tammie Smart, Mert Kramer and Tracy Thorstenson.

There was a motion by Dave Nilsen and a second by Mert Kramer to approve the minutes from the May board meeting. Motion carried and the minutes were approved as submitted.

President’s Report

Paula will be sending out an e-mail to the membership announcing that we have title pins. There will be an opportunity for members to request pins for previous titles.

Secretary’s Report

A membership application was presented for Cassandra Benson.

Old Business

Website – Tammie mentioned that the photo albums don’t work for mobile devices.

Building Committee – Dave Nilsen reported that the dates for closing up the clubhouse for the fair will be the same as every other year.

Summer Obedience – The premium is out. Rooms have been reserved at La Quinta for the judges.

Agility Trial – Everything is under control for the agility trial.

Fall Show

  • The show will be dedicated in Kim Schoenhard’s memory. Memorial money for Kim will also be used to sponsor the Toy Group in memory of Kim.

  • First draft of the premium has been submitted.

  • A suggestion was made to contact Globe University and the Center for Active Generations for potential show stewards. Steward training will be held in September and October. It was suggested to have separate meetings for the training.

  • Discussion was held about the location of the information booth. It was decided to move it by the door near the hospitality area where spectators come in. Brian Schaffer will be getting updated information from AKC for the booth. It was decided to do a free will donation instead of a set admission fee and evaluate it after the show. Big Paws has also been given a table by the door.

  • Adults without majors will be included in the puppy match. There will be puppy & adult categories for Best in Match.

  • This year we will be publicizing the Saturday costume parade.

  • Liz Droke and Karen Bos-Carey will be in charge of vendors.

  • The suggestion was made to contact Cheryl Lundin and/or Megan Fields about singing the national anthem again this year.

  • Tracy announced that the judges would like to have dinner with the show committee and the board on Sunday after the show. She will make the arrangements.

  • Hospitality – breakfast will need to be available by 6:45 each morning. Tracy requested warm breakfasts plus a warm lunch on Saturday.

Classes – Janet Boyum has decided that she doesn’t want to work on registration. Paula, Tammie, Janet and Kris will meet to discuss the process for classes.


  • Mert mentioned that we need to get tags for the wall plaques.

  • Mert has received several calls from different radio & TV stations. KDLT wants to talk about advertising.

  • Discussion was held about a ribbon cutting for the club. It was decided to try and arrange it for the lunch break on Friday during the fall show.

  • Mert is working on giveaway items (pens, clickers) and will send out information to the board.

New Business

Paula announced that the therapy dog chapter would like to use the clubhouse for classes and testing since Dick & Mary Jo Jaqua’s building will no longer be available. Classes would be held on 4 consecutive Saturdays with testing held 1-2 weeks later. Discussion followed. Motion by Mert to allow therapy dogs to use the clubhouse for 5 Saturdays for classes and testing. Second by Dave. Motion carried.

Mert moved to adjourn the meeting with a second by Dawn. Motion carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 9

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