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Connie Cleveland is coming!

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September 8 & 9 2018

At the Sioux Empire Kennel Club

Cost: Working Spot $279, Audit $79 for the weekend or $44 for one day, (when registering online) Spots will be confirmed once payment has been received. There are 20 working spots (10 Saturday, 10 Sunday) available typically we will work 10 dogs on Saturday and the other 10 on Sunday. All Working teams will have individual time on the floor with Connie to discuss the exercises of their choice! Working teams should plan on attending both days. Spots to be picked at random.


The Sioux Empire Kennel Club will be holding our first Nose Work Seminar!!!!

May 5th from 8:00AM- 5:00PM

All Levels are welcome to attend. Whether you are already competing and need a few pointers or just beginning, this is the Seminar for you!! All dogs are welcome, as we only work one dog at a time. So if your dog is a fearful dog, shy dog, exuberant dog or a frustrated greeter this is the seminar for you! With that in mind you must have a crate or car you can leave your dog in when you are not working on the floor. We do not make any exceptions to this rule.

We will offer only 10 working spots Cost is: $105 
We will also offer limited Audit Spots for $40
Current Sioux Empire Kennel Club members will get a $10 discount on audit spots only**** ( working spots are excluded from the discount).
Box Lunch can be provided for an additional $10. 

All levels are welcome to register for a working spot, however, dogs already working on odor will progress further in this seminar than dogs who have not yet started on odor.

**IF cancelling we require notification BEFORE April 1st, 2018 otherwise refunds will NOT be given.


Presenter: Holly Bushard

Holly Bushard has spent her entire adult life in the company of dogs, teaching pet dog classes and therapy dog classes for more than a decade. Holly served as a narcotics dog K-9 handler during her career as a police officer. Borrowing from her experience as a detection dog handler, Holly’s nose work training focuses on building eager, confident dogs with strong commitment to odor. Her history of handling dogs in real-life searches has given her a unique perspective in handling techniques that clear search areas efficiently and reduce the risk of inducing false alerts.

In addition to her training experience, Holly worked for 3 years as a shelter director, fostered dozens of dogs in her home and evaluated therapy dog teams for nearly a decade. This experience has helped her understand the needs of a wide variety of dogs and handlers.

Currently, Holly competes in agility, obedience, rally and nose work with three great dogs. In addition to her seminar schedule, Holly competes in nose work at the Elite level, and is a judge for both National Association of Canine Scent Work and AKC Scent Work.